Building Materials

Cyprus has a long lasting tradition in the construction industry locally as well as internationally, with great expertise in large scale projects. This track record has given to local companies the knowledge regarding the needs in building materials in international markets.

As a consequence, an increasing number of Cypriot companies use know-how, experience and technology to supply construction companies with main stream but also other innovative, high performance and cost effective materials such as cement, aluminium, thermal and acoustic insulation products, admixtures, coatings, prefabricated products, scaffolding and steel formworks, bricks, tiles and many more.

Cyprus’ exports are focused on energy saving, environmentally friendly and cost effective solutions which are high in demand abroad and where production cannot fully satisfy the market. The attention to quality in Cyprus product manufacturing is no different from that in the UK. Companies employ ISO 9001: 2009 and CE marking, staff are knowledgeable and well educated.

Cyprus supply with building materials countries such as the UK, Germany, Switzerland and Finland where products should meet the highest standards and satisfy the strictest criteria.