The 2nd exhibition “FoodPanorama Expo and Oinoyeuseis (International Wine & Spirits Exhibition) 2019”, the largest and most unique exhibition in Cyprus, is an annual event organized by UNITYEXPO. The exhibition is the most important business and communication platform for the industry, a unique opportunity for those involved in the food and drink sector to meet, discuss, negotiate and trade. The forthcoming exhibition “FoodPanorama Expo and Oinoyeuseis 2019” will give everyone involved in the food and beverage industry the opportunity to present their products to professionals in the fields of catering, distribution, import and sales. Cyprus, being at the crossroads of three continents; Europe, Africa and Asia, is the focus of all the countries in the region. The aim of FoodPanorama Expo 2019 is to attract keen interest from Cypriot professionals as well as foreign buyers coming from target markets from all over the world. The exhibition will give exhibitors the opportunity to present their products and their businesses to the general public as the exhibition will be open to everyone.

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