Cyprus Embassy
Trade Centre in Warsaw

The Cyprus Embassy Trade Center (CTC) in Warsaw operates under the auspices of the Cyprus Ministry of Energy, Commerce and Industry as the commercial and economic arm of the Embassy of Cyprus in Poland. It is part of the network of fourteen trade promotion missions operated by the Republic of Cyprus worldwide

The main objective is to promote and further enhance bilateral economic, investment and commercial relations between Cyprus Poland, Lithuania and Latvia.

Key goals are to:

  • Facilitate trade communication and match making between businesses in Poland, Lithuania, Latvia and Cyprus
  • To expand and develop further the trade in goods and services between Polish, Lithuanian, Latvian companies with their Cypriot counterparts
  • Promote Cyprus as an international business and services Centre
  • Encourage foreign investment and stimulate business interest in Cyprus
  • Provide Cypriot enterprises with reliable information, business intelligence and research studies on the Polish, Lithuanian and Latvian markets
  • Organize business events, trade delegations, press facility visits
  • Participate in trade fairs and exhibitions in Poland, Lithuania and Latvia